CBI says 2200 Government Officials identified Corrupt in 2015

New Delhi: Around 2200 senior Government Officials who found corrupt in the year 2015 as claimed to have identified by the Central Bureau of Investigation- CBI. Also, CBI has disclosed this matter on this Wednesday, i.e. on 18th day of 2016 and also stated to have initiated enquiries against them.

Moreover, as per the said Central probing agency, from the year 2014, in India there was a 94 per cent jump in crackdown against the most evil issue of corruption.

The statements relating to the said identification and also that the agency has initiated the investigation against such identified officials, were released by the Director to CBI- Anil Sinha. Moreover, it was also informed that the against such persons who were identified by CBI, the Anti- graft agency has also registered FIRs (First Information Reports).

Also in the comments by the said CBI Director- Sinha, he said that the CBI which is expected by the People to act against the said evil of Corruption, is doing ‘just that’. Also, he suggested that there will be all fair investigations conducted by CBI in relation to these issues.

Moreover, it can be seen important to take note that the, while the CBI has claimed to registered around 101 Graft related FIRs in the year 2015, such figure was 52 in the year 2014, and this can be seen in the increasing support against the removal of evil issue of Corruption.

In so far as the performance of the CBI is concerned, it is notable that the Anil Sinha who as a Chief has completed around 14 months told that the said probing agency has, in the year 2015, managed to file more than a thousand charge sheets and this number is really very high or one can say highest among those which were seen in the last Five years. Also some big names which were disclosed as charged, including A Raja, Naveen Jindal, Virbhadra Singh and other political functionaries.

Also notable that there were around Two thousand and more cases which were registered between the years 2009 and 2012 by the CBI under different provisions of Prevention of Corruption law.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan