Faculty of Law, ICFAI Foundation of Higher Education, Hyderabad organizes National Seminar on Corporate Spectrum from April 10th -11th, 2015

The Faculty of Law, ICFAI Foundation of Higher Education, Hyderabad organizes National Seminar on Corporate Spectrum from April 10th -11th, 2015 with an aim to scrutinize the new strategies, trends and corporate law. The seminar will be an opening for the students, academicians and corporate to evaluate the securities considering the benefit of the stakeholders. The organizers aspire to give facility for the framers of law to reach most effectual results in taxation laws and also with matters dealing with finance to companies.

The participants can have a discussion on the prevailing challenges that are faced in the corporate field and suggest solutions to resolve the matter. Debates can also be conducted on the existing corporate laws and can put forward on the need to amend the corporate legislations. It is a known fact that the new business entities face multiple issues. The seminar will provide a platform to examine those issues and can pass on the value of corporate entities in the liberalized world.

The corporate spectrum accelerates the Indian economy through poverty alleviation and also equal distribution of resources among the people as enshrined in our Constitution. But in many fields, it cannot reach the desired ends due to unnecessary alterations made in the corporate laws. Though the Government had made efforts to endorse proper functioning of the companies, it remains a far reaching goal. The interests of the investors are not protected as the new corporate entities face many legal challenges reducing opportunities to the people. The Companies Act, 2013 and SEBI are the two legal segments that regulate financial markets and corporate sector in India. The seminar makes a stage to comprehend the Company law and gives an idea to the legislators to strengthen the law further and to make possible the progression of corporate sector.

Themes of the seminar

  • Corporate Landscape: New Horizons
  • Corporate Structure: A Revisit
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Vivacious Outlook
  • Securities Market vs. Investors Confidence
  • Corporate Governance: Emerging Dynamics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Divergent Obligations
  • Corporate and Security Frauds: Control Contours
  • Shareholders Activism and SEBI
  • Corporate Adjudications
  • Human Rights aspect of Corporate Laws

The organizers invite papers from the academicians, students, researchers and other legal professionals and organizations on the themes mentioned. The paper should contain the title, author’s name, email address and phone number. The Faculty and lawyers have to pay registration fee of Rs 1000 and the students and researchers have to pay Rs 800 to participate in the seminar. The corporate and NGOs have to register by paying an amount of Rs 2000 by way of Demand Draft in the name of IFHE payable at Hyderabad. The abstract not exceeding 300 words should reach the organizers within March 23, 2015. The full paper should not exceed 5000 words and should reach by March 30, 2015.

For more details contact:

Dr. Veena (Coordinator)
Assistant Professor
Faculty of law, ICFAI Foundation of Higher Education
Ph: +919848730467
Email: aneev22@gmail.com
Website: http://ifheindia.org/fol/

 By Jewel Panicker