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Fathers in Britain are entitled to 25 weeks of paternity leave

Granting of paternity leave to all the fathers in Britain has been officially declared. This new law which was declared came into force on Sunday. Nearly 50 weeks of parental leave is granted to all the mums and dads in Britain. Nearly 285,000 parents will be helped with this new law has been estimated by the government.

This amended law ensures that a women need not give away her career just because she has to give birth to a child and thus this law helps a women not to lose her job. Both the working parents will have the right to share the 50 week parental leave among themselves.

Previously in Britain, to remove a female employee just because she was carrying a child was made illegal. Olden thinking about the women being the parent to stay at home to care for the children and house was challenged and as many fathers too wanted their share to spend time with the child. Parents are given options to choose between themselves to share the care of the child for the first year was confirmed by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

Any parent who has a child under 18 years of age can and has a right to take up to 18 weeks of unpaid leave for every child he or she has.

All parents or couples who are eligible for this law and whose due date for delivery is on or after April 5 2015 can share this 50 week leave granted to them. They will also get 37 weeks’ pay in first year of the child’s birth. The leave can be taken at the same time or separately was also stated under the law.

Sarah Jackson who is the chief executive of Working Families charity said that this law will be the new revolution on how fathers and mothers share their work. This new law has made history again in UK. Researchers in UK say that 1 in 4 Britons do not know this change in law and 32 % of them know about the law but do not understand the law as per the report on and My Family Care.

by Sushma Javare.