High Court of Maharashtra Stayed the Decision of Government to Reserve Seats for Marathas in Public Services

mumbai high courtIn the recent times, the High Court of Maharashtra had stayed the decision of the Government of Maharashtra to reserve 16 percent seats for Marathas in the Government services as well as for teaching. The decision was reached by the Congress NCP Government which was declared prior to election to the Assembly. The High Court in addition, stayed the reservation decided to be provided for Muslims at 5 percent in the public service but permitted for such reservations in educational establishments. This exemption was given due to the low literacy and less educational standards in the State and also to facilitate the Muslim community to come forward in the forefront of secular learning.

The Government of Maharashtra on last Saturday reached consensus to file petition before the Supreme Court challenging the order of the High Court of Bombay that stayed the decision of the Government of giving 16 % reservation to the Marathas in then services of the state and educational establishments. The matter was discussed in the party meeting headed by Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Last Saturday, the State Government guaranteed that they will prefer an appeal next week before the Supreme Court challenging the interim order passed by the Maharashtra High Court. The BJP Government will support the interests of Muslims and Marathas in this matter.

The Maharashtra Government is also planning to establish an all-party committee to deal with the reservation policy of the Government. As reported by the party officials, the appeal will be initiated soon and the party will stand for the minorities of the state and will take adequate measures to retain the quota. The High Court ruling had created protest among the Muslims and Marathas with regard to the reservations. The Chief Minister also pointed out that if there is any legal issue connected with the reservation, the Government will take steps to amend the laws if necessary during the winter session to override the ruling of the High Court.