Judges of Supreme Court Decided to Have Concise Judgments

judgementThe judges of the Supreme Court have unofficially decided to concise the judgments as the long-winded verdicts make uncertainty among the lawyers as well the litigants. The judges are of the opinion that the addition of more words to the judgments will not be meaningful and where the matter is already settled by the Apex Court itself, such addition of pages never give any sort of assistance to the litigants. This decision will definitely put an end to the long pending cases and disposal of litigation by the judges.

In the informal meeting, the judges always discuss among themselves that the judgments shall be to the point. The officials of the Supreme Court have reported that the judges are always eager to deliver prompt and effective justice to the persons coming before the Court. The Supreme Court has given precise judgments in various cases and there is less need for additional arguments that holdup the ruling. Such cases are to be settled quickly with the relevant points mainly emphasizing on the factual area of the case.

Yet another reason for such decision is the unnecessary arguments sought by senior lawyers which otherwise would have been quickly decided. The judge points out that they don’t show any disregard towards the experienced senior lawyers, but it is necessary to choose a time span from the commencement of the arguments till its disposal. With these actions to have a solitary target, the judges are trying to swift up the judicial process in the Courts especially in High Courts and Supreme Court.

It is estimated that the case after initiation takes more than 5 years for its disposal. With the increased pending cases in the higher Courts, the Government and the judiciary are of the opinion that there is an imperative necessity to become serious regarding the clearance of case bundles. The hon’ble Chief Justice of India had constituted two committees headed by Justice T S Thakur and Justice R F Nariman to resolve the pending cases. The Chief Justice has already insisted the High Court Chief Justices to express their ideas on resolving the issues on mounting litigation.