Lawyers using Government emblem ‘Ashok Chakra’ to raise their status, instructed to stop: Law Ministry

New Delhi: Ministry of Law and Justice took the stand that the Lawyers on Government roll at all levels are to stop using the State Emblem – Ashok Chakra, as a useful means to have flaunting their status as empanelled Advocate. While taking this stand, the Government stated that the engaging in such activities are not public officials assuming permanent office, they are just being engaged for particular, specific period.

Lawyers are social moulder and as such they are having certain responsibilities towards the society to deal the cases and provide justice to the members of the society. Thus, they are expected to deal with their profession by following their etiquettes for which their status in the society is of much importance. However, as per sources, now a days the profession advocacy has turned into money making source and this could have lead the lawyers to use the authorized emblems like the State’s  i.e. ‘Ashok Chakra’, as a means of flaunting their status as empanelled Counsel.

Lawyers are using such State Emblems ‘Ashok Chakra’ on their letter heads, Stationery and even on their visiting or professional cards, etc. along with their names, as has been told by the Law Ministry.

The instances where such practices have been observed, were explained by the Directives of Law Ministry, in which Lawyers are seeking to have advertisements using States emblem, which is the Official Seal of the Government of India, to have their status as empanelled Advocates.

The Ministry of Law and Justice stated that, there is a legal implication which banned the using of such State Emblem by the Private individual and also by any private organization under the provisions of the ‘State Emblem of India (Prohibition of Improper Use) Act, 2005’.

Looking to the seriousness of matter, the Ministry issued these instructions to all the Assistant Solicitors Generals of India, Standing counsels for Central Government, Central Government’s Senior or Additional counsels, other counsels appearing for the Central government, Standing or Additional Standing Counsels for Government counsel and Panel Counsel. Even other Lawyers at any level are also covered under these instructions and seniors were informed to instruct their fellows.

The Central Government Lawyers are expected to assist the Assistant Solicitor General of High Courts for ensuring strict compliance of the directions, learned from the sources.

By Faim Khalilkhan Pathan