Madras High Court Calls for Compulsory and Comprehensive Sex Education in High Schools

The High Court of Madras stated that age-appropriate, inclusive and compulsory sex education to all students at high schools are essential. The Court has also called for strict visa standards for foreigners who are alleged to have committed sexual offences. Further, the Court insists to provide training to the medical practitioners who are dealing with the victims of sex abuse. The Court was of the opinion that such types of measures will gradually diminish offences related with sex abuse. Justice N Kirubakaran was of the opinion that in the modern globalized period, the nation should give proper directions to the children irrespective of their culture, traditions and morals. The court was giving its opinion while dealing with a case of sex abuse against a foreigner in Britain.

The Judge also stated that sex education that are appropriate to children will reduce such instances of sex abuse. If the Government fails to provide such education in schools, it is the gross negligence on the part of the authorities. The Court further insisted for tight visa standards and protection and prevention of children from the abuse of person from foreign countries. This is more important than attracting tourists to the country. The Court also suggested that when the visa form is provided it must compulsorily have a column that necessitates the applicant to provide details regarding actions, impending cases, convictions  etc. The investigating agencies in association with NGOs or the Central Government by constituting a Commission with retired judge of Supreme Court as the Chairman should work to collect opinions and information from the society regarding such incidents. The Government should also take steps to provide free and compulsory education on the subject.

The Madras High Court also used the word Castration type of punishment for persons guilty of  sex abuse. Such punishment seems very barbaric the Court said, but such crimes need the same model of punishment. Some of the people may be against this type of punishment but they should understand the stark truth that exists in the society, the Court added. The Court was giving its opinion while dealing with the plea filed by foreign nation to quash the case against him. The Court rendered its opinion keeping in mind the brutal gang rape that happened in Delhi few days ago.

Adv. Jewel Panicker