Madras High Court orders Godman- Swami Nithyananda to stop heading Four Mutts

Chennai: The functioning of the Controversial Godman- Swami Nithyananda as the head of the Four mutts in and around the Tiruvarur, is ordered to stop by the him, as is decided by the High Court of Madras.

The said restrained order was passed by the High Court of Madras’s bench comprising of Justice R. SHivakarum. Moreover, the Court has also stayed further proceedings in the Nithyananda’s filed suit which is pending adjudication before the Principal Sub-court in Nagapattinam, where the properties concerned with the mutts are connected.

The said interim order was passed by the Court on the Tuesday, i.e. on 16th day of this February. And it was passed in connection with the Civil Revision Petition, which was preferred by Salem- based Sarada Niketan Samithi Trust members, where Swami Atmananda was also including.

However, Atmananda was sought to be restrained, in the injunction application filed by Nithyananda along with his filed suit, from interfering in the administration and meddling with the properties of the mutts.

But the present order has stopped Nithyananda. The order granting interim stay against the Nithyananda is in connection with the Four Mutts, where Sri Po Ka Sathukkal Mutt at Vedaranyam, Madadhipathi of Somantha Swami Temple and Mutt at Thiruvarur, Sri Palasamy and Sankarasamy Mutt at Thiruvarur and Sri Arunachal Gnanadesikar Swamigal are including. Also the Court has issued a notice against Nithyananda which is returnable by 14th day of March, this year.

Moreover, in the petition filed by the Athmananda, he sought to mention that the Nithyananda had approached him and others and gave them a false assurance that he will improve those Four mutts concerned. However, Nithyananda has filed suit, under the guise of making a donation of Two Crore Rupees for the mutts.

Thus, Athmananda and two others found praying before the High Court that further proceedings in the matter before the principal sub- court be stayed as the said suit was not maintainable and the administrator of the said mentioned mutts are no other persons than they themselves are.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan