Samsung wins appeal in patent case with Apple

On Friday, the Samsung is declared winner over the Apple by the United States appeals court, in a long- running patent battle.

This verdict of the United States Appeals Court has overridden the Verdict of the Jury, where they had ordered the Samsung to pay $119.6 million to the iPhone maker. Moreover, the present Appeals court has ruled in favour of Samsung and ordered that two Apple patents at issue were not valid, as per online copy of the decision posted on the web.

Moreover, in the statement of the Samsung, it has commented that the company is delighted with the resounding victory from the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

It was seen earlier in the year 2012 that the Apple had filed the suit against the Samsung company where the infringement was claimed on an array of patents related to smartphones. Later, Samsung in his answer to this suit found denying the allegations and claimed to have done nothing wrong and again Samsung found filing a counter suit, where the Apple was involved in the infringement case on some of its patents. However, while the lengthy litigation process, the numbers of patents were whittled down. Thus, Three patents of Apple and Two patents of Samsung company were in issue before the court in the appeal.

In the initial suit, the Apple company had claimed $2.2 billion at trial, however, it was decided by the jury in its award that, the said California- based company will be entitled to $119.6 million.

However, in the appeal before the panel of the appeals court judges, it was decided that the Samsung did not infringe on one of the Apple patents and that the remaining two, which involved auto- correct and slide- to- unlock features, were not valid patent.

Moreover, the appeals court further approved the decision of Jury, where Apple was ordered to pay Samsung $158,500 for infringing one of the Patent. Thus, in the full decision of the case, it is clear that the Samsung has won the battle.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan