Terming it ‘premature’ Delhi HC rejected Plea against the Second Phase of Odd- even formula In Delhi

New Delhi: The plea challenging the implementation of second phase of odd- even formula in Delhi, is rejected by the Delhi High Court. The decision was taken by the Bench of the Delhi High Court, which comprising of the Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice Jayant Nath. And while so this Bench has observed that the plea sought to be maintained through the concerned PIL was not in the Public Interest, however, it was only in the ‘Publicity interest only’. Moreover, the PIL was remarked as premature one, by the concerned court.

Thus, the concerned bench has refused to entertain the petition, as it is premature one at the concerned stage. However, the advocate appearing for the petitioner referred to the media reports and as such contended that the suggestions on not exempting two- wheelers and women in the odd- even scheme, has not been considered by the Delhi Government.

In this case advocate- Karuna Chhatwal while appearing for the petition in the hearing, urged that the said petition be heard, however, the concerned bench of the court finally said that the same cannot be done at this stage. Moreover, the bench has further observed that the Delhi Government might have been considering the newspapers, when advocate- Karuna referred to the media stuffs.

In the case it is further notable that the PIL containing that the Aam Aadmi Party- AAP government has exempted women and two wheelers, in the second phase of the scheme. It was further claimed that this thing, the Government should not have done. The petition was filed by Delhi- resident- Chhatwal.

Moreover, the petition also found containing that the about 60 per cent of the air pollution can be seen emitted from the two- wheelers, however, remaining air pollution are constituted in part by cars. Moreover, when the scheme is introduced for controlling air pollution, then women driver’s exemption will defeat the very objective. The said second phase of the scheme was announced by the AAP Government, will be starting for a fortnight from 15th day of April, this year.