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The Glanders and Farcy Act, 1899

The Glanders And Farcy Act was incorporated through our Indian Governor-General on 20th March, 1899. This Act has been established to strengthen and amend the laws relating to Glanders and Farcy. Glander is a renowned disease in India as per this Act. It is renowned for their Characteristic laceration.

This Glanders could be controlled only through proper observation and examination program by the State Agencies; The Indian Army & Thorough bed Industry.  It is highly contagious disease of solipads caused by pseudomonas mallei with nodular lesions in several parts inside and outside of our body. This disease typically has a progressive character causing severe human health risks. In order to control glander disease, proper disposal and burial of carcasses should be done otherwise its effect will be worst and proper cleaning and disinfections. Human who works for this could get affected to these disease and the symptoms may be nodular eruptions on several parts of the body, etc.

This Act deals with the contagious epidemic disease like glanders and farcy among horses that is notified in the Official Gazette specified in this behalf. The provisions of this Act shall not only applicable to the horses but also to camel, asses, mules and such other animals as specified under this Act. This disease caused through the digestive tract through the infected feeds and water, by inhalation or by skin infection, etc. The Provisions of this Act shall be applicable to all the local areas that is notified Government by notification in this Official Gazette.

This Act through the Central Government shall appoint such Inspectors of Police to look after the wholesome local areas as notified in the Official Gazette as prescribed by the provisions of the Act. These inspectors of Police shall in any time inspect or search in any fields or building or places to ascertain whether any horses that is diseased. These Inspectors can at any time investigate and seize any horse or any number of horses that is diseased.

This Act allows or permits such Inspectors to seize the horse that has disease. This horse is made to observe for disease as soon as possible to a Veterinary Practitioner who is appointed by the Government as prescribed within the purview of this Act. If the Veterinary Practitioner certifies for the disease of glanders and farcy, the Inspector may immediately destroy or else in case of any other disease then it will be made subject to examination as prescribed by any other Act in force. In case Doctor certified that the horse is normal without any disease then immediately the horse will be send back to its owner. The Government has power to make such veterinary Doctor to perform the function of the Inspector of Police for any purpose mentioned under the provisions of this Act.

In case if any horse found suffering in any places with the disease mentioned in this Act, the Inspector may issue notice to the owner of the horse to maintain the same disinfected atmosphere and fittings as prescribed under this Act. In case if the Owner fails to comply with the rules mentioned on time, the Inspectors has power to setup the atmosphere as specified in the provisions of this Act.

Horse Owner must clearly and in time intimate with regard to his horse suffering the disease under this Act to the Inspector of Police or such other authority who may be appointed by the Government. Not only that, he must not remove the horse out without good faith nor with the license given by the Inspector to do so. In case if the owner fails to comply with the notice or remove his horse unlawfully, he shall be punished with imprisonment or fine which ever deems necessary.

The Provincial Government could make any number of rules, any number activities and perform any number of duties in pursuance to this Act as prescribed and in case if anybody violates such rules or laws framed by the Government shall be punished with imprisonment or fine or even with both as it deems fit. No legal actions could be taken against any person for performing any activities in good faith in order to protect the purpose of this Act.

by C.Srivenkatesh Prabhu