The Government Seal Act, 1862

The Government Seal Act, 1862 was enacted on 28 February 1862 to amend the law relating to use of Government Seal. This act came in to existence during the British rule in India.  They wanted to bring a common seal that could be used all over India.

Earlier when Indian Short Titles Act 1847 was in existence East India Company seal was used. This Act extended to whole of India except Part B States and the Scheduled Districts.  This act extended to West Jalpaiguri and the Western Davars, The Scheduled Districts in Ganjam and Vizagapatam, Mirzapur district, JaunsarBawar and Assam. Law officer of Government of Bombay had told them not to use any seal on any certificates until some Act was passed with regard to seal to be used.

Under Government Seal Act 1862 it was declared that the seal of East India Company can be affixed on behalf of Government document is lawful but if a seal of authority of State Government is to be put instead of East India Company then a state government seal should be used bearing “Government of India”. Such documents where Government of India seal was put were considered a valid document and could be used as if it was the seal of East India Company.

by Sushma Javare