The Nalanda University Act, 2010

The Nalanda University Act, 2010 got its Presidential assent on 21st September 2010 and  came into force by notification in the Official Gazette. Government of India in 2007 constituted a Nalanda Mentor Group to examine the international co-operation, the group later proposed the structure which laid the idea for the establishment of University as a international; centre of education . The University of Nalanda proposed to have established under aegis of the East Asia Summit as a regional initiative. President of India proposed the idea for revival of Nalanda University, The Nalanda University Bill, 2010 was passed on 21 August 2010 in Rajya  Sabha and 26 August 2010 in Lok Sabha . The University came in to existence on 25th November 2010.There are many international  and national contribution behind the establishment of Nalanda University  such as countries like Japan and Singapore raised their hands for monetary funding for construction of Nalanda University. State Government of Bihar to fulfil its primary responsibility handed over 443 acres of land for construction of University as it been a dream project of the Government

The Act comprised of 44 Sections in brief and explanation provided thereto, Act defines University as Nalanda University established and incorporated under Section 4. Objects of the institution known as the Nalanda university and it been declared as institution which as national importance. University of Nalanda in the state of Bihar which established under University of Nalanda Act, 2007. As everything has its jurisdiction to rule and lay regulation, University also has its jurisdiction and it extend to whole of India and to centres which established within or outside the Country under Section 6. There shall be a Governing Board under University Constituted under Section 7 of Act which responsible to look after for all policies and directions of the University and management of its affairs thereto.

Objects of University been very wide as it deal under Section 9 of the Act, main objective of the university aimed at advancing the concept of an Asian community and rediscovering old relationships. University of Nalanda has its ancient origin and objective of University has a specific aim to impart education and to enable research towards the ancient Science, Philosophy, language, history and other areas of learning which improves the standard and quality of life in turn achieves the development of society. University has powers other than objectives under Section 10 of Act, to appoint persons as employees , to conduct examination and to make provision for upgrading the education and training programmes which relates to the attainment of its objectives.

Government has the primary goal to educate every person for the development of its own country and to help other country people to impart education and other training facilities had made its term wider and impart education to all persons not differentiated by classes, castes and creed as provided under Section 11 of the Act. University by its various Sections under the Act appoints various persons to look over the University which provides for the development of the State. Visitor under Section 12 of the Act has a special recognition as it appointed President of India as visitor of the University.  Visitor hold office not more than five years and  has the right to inspect and inquiry in respect of matters related to University and its management responsibility to appoint a representative within 30 days who has the right to be present and heard at inquiry laid  by the visitor.

Nalanda University Act laid for the establishment of the University to impart education, it also has additional power to make Statutes and Ordinance under Sections 27 and 29 of Act. There been a special procedure under Section 34 of the Act which lay procedure of appeal and arbitration in disciplinary cases against students as students or candidate for examination whose name removed may appeal against same. Every employee or student of University have right to appeal for any irregularities committed by members on behalf of Universities  within item prescribed under Statute and thereupon Governing Board  of University has power to make decision or reverse the decision for which the appeal had been raised for.

University established under Nalanda University Act, 2010 predominantly a government funded institution and act as a boon to citizens whereby it enacted for the up-liftment of education. Government has the primary goal to educate every person for the development of its own country and thereby it has other goal to preserve the heritage of Country. Act aims to enable and to promote education regarding  ancient science, history and other areas of learning which improves the standard of learning in India and quality of life, social and economic development of society.

by Priyadarshini Chandrasekar