The President’s Emoluments and Pension Act, 1951

The President’s Emoluments and Pension Act, 1951 received assent of President on 13th May, 1951. The Act lays down provisions on emoluments, salary and pension of the President in India.

Section 1 sub clause A lays that the salary of President shall be one lakh fifty thousand per mensem. The act specifically lays that the President shall be paid a pension fifty percent of the total emoluments paid to him. Incase where a Vice President is elected as President he shall not be eligible for pension and benefits under Vice President’s Pension Act, 1997. The President shall be paid pension on expiry of his term and also incase the President resigns for the rest of his life.

The first citizen of India i.e. the President under section 2 of the Act till his life time shall be entitled to use a furnished residence rent free, residence shall be inclusive of its maintenance, two telephones, internet connectivity, mobile phone, vehicle and car allowances free of charge. Apart from this the President shall have his personal staff which shall include secretarial staff consisting of a Private Secretary, one Additional Private Secretary, one Personal Assistant, two Peons, and office expenses up to sixty thousand rupees per annum which is inserted vide the  President’s Pension (Amendment) Act, 1985. President shall also be provided with medical attendance to the President and spouse of the President and treatment free of charge and shall travel anywhere in India free of cost by highest class weather by air or train.

The spouse of The President shall be eligible for pension, medical assistance even after death of The President. In case of resignation the President shall be entitled to a furnished residence inclusive of its maintenance, secretarial staff consisting of secretarial staff consisting of a Private Secretary and a Peon and actual office expenses which shall not exceed twelve thousand rupees per annum. Such President shall also be qualified to a telephone, car and car allowances free of charge for remainder of his life. Also the President shall be allowed to twelve single journeys anywhere in India by the highest class, by air or train accompanied by a companion.

The Pension of the President shall be charged from Consolidated Fund of India also laid down in second schedule part I of the Indian Constitution. Any rule made by the Central government under the Act shall be published in official gazette only after assented by both houses of Parliament.

The Act lays down all the necessary provisions with respect to emoluments, salary, pension and other benefits given to the President of India being the first citizen.

by Vibhuti Nakta.