Indian Law of Marriage and Divorce by Kumud Desai Hardcover – 1 Dec 2013

Since we all human being are now living in the civilized communities, we are surrounded by many rules and regulations and it is because, we call our self ‘civilized’. Thus, for example a man who lives in a home with his wife, cannot go to live with other women, and this obligation is brought with such rules and regulations, which the civilization has brought for us. Moreover, it is also notable that the behaviour of the humans are controlled and managed by the law. Thus, to manage and regulate the relationships of Marriage, in India, the there are some laws. Such laws are regulating Marriages and also Divorce. The present book, as such, is offering a comprehensive commentary on personal laws of India relating to marriage and divorce. There are around Ten parts in the book, where the readers will get benefit of accessing the Statutory laws and also relevant customary laws on marriage and divorce. This book moreover, providing for the specific analysis of marriage and divorce under the Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Parsi and Jewish laws. Moreover, it is also providing provisions coverage from Foreign Marriages Act and Special Marriage Act. Also some other things in relation to Marriage laws, like offences, maintenance, children’s custody, etc. are found specifically described in this book. Also, remaining all other aspects relating to the marriages in India are specifically described and discussed under the parts of this book.

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