The Regional Centre for Biotechnology Act, 2016

In a progressive society the impact of science and technology is an inevitable factor. New findings or inventions in the scientific World is extremely based on experiments, researches , studies and several other seen and unseen factors subject to rapid changes every time. The Regional centre for Biotechnology Act came in to existence in 29th July 2016 as per the extra ordinary Gazette notification with 46 sections specifying various functions of centre in accordance with the Act. Another important objective of the Act was to present the country an institution of national importance. The first centre was established in Faridabad, Haryana.

The purpose of the act is to impart training, education and training facilities in an autonomous institution under Department of Biotechnology, India and UNESCO. Part 2 section 2 of the with different clauses detailing academic staff, board studies, rules, regulations , ordinance and statutory powers which is most important part of this Act which at a glance provides the objective and implementation of this Act in our country. Section 6 states the Jurisdiction of this Act applicable in whole of where the centres, laboratories, departments or any other institutions established inside or outside the country pertaining to the law in existence in the country and provisions of the enactment. In sec 7 the objectives of the Act is clearly specified with regard to give knowledge through facilities of research and education and updations in the field of Biotechnology and related fields.  The act also aims at imparting knowledge at regional level, utilizing the human expertise at its maximum in order to provide incomparable human resources for the welfare of the people of the country and also to create impact in the International scenario of Biotechnology field. Another salient feature of this Act is the promotion of intellectual property rights and establish the results and studies of the researches through books and other media‚Äôs there by creating awareness about the hard work and efforts put in by eminent scientists, researchers and faculties. Subject to the provisions short term and long term training programs are also conducted.

The program Advisory committee is the principal Academic body provided its functions subject to the provisions of the Act. The functions of the committee is monitored and reviewed in every four years by the eminent persons appointed by the Central Government. According to Sec 40 any disputes occur between the employees and the committee shall be rectified through a grievance redressal committee. The power of statute and ordinance making is provided in Section 45 apart from the rules and regulations making stated in section 43.

Sec 46 plays another vital part where the Central Government has the power to amend, remove any inconsistent provisions through Gazette notification.

It is an undeniable fact that establishment of centre for Biotechnology in different parts of our country had a great impact in the field of science and technology both in international and native aspect creating wide awareness among people.

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