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Change in Papers for Printing Laws: Now UK to end the Printing Laws Practice on animal skin

London: The practice in United Kingdome of printing laws on animal skin will be ended from next month i.e. from March, 2016.

It was often seen in UK from the very early days that the laws were printed on the animal skins to get them worth. However, the practice will have ended by the next month and the archival papers will be take to print the official copies of the laws rather than animal skins.

The modernized approach is being adopted and the proposals of such change was made by the House of Commons Administration Committee, last year. And the proposal is approved by the House of Lords and now this move will be saving an estimated USD 116,000, a year.

In Britain there was for centuries the laws have been printed on ‘Vellum’ i.e. calfskin parchment and not on the paper. And this decision will surely serve best as laws are same effects, irrespective of its printing on the common paper or on the animal skins.

Moreover, it is also notable that the Official copies of the new laws will continue to be printed in two copies, of which one will be stored in the National Archives and other will be kept in the Parliamentary Archives. However, as it is a modern technology world, such modern laws are also published and stored digitally.

However, as per the people who supports the Vellum paper printed laws, the laws published on vellum are much more durable and as per the officials from parliament, the high- quality paper can last up to Five Hundred years.

But notably, the laws written on Vellum paper are oldest ones in the parliament’s archive, where one sees the oldest laws from 1497 and even older vellum copies survival can seen with Magna Carta of 1215.

Moreover, notably, the attempt to change the printing papers of the laws, was also made in the year 1999, however, the lawmakers defeated the same. However, in the present move / attempt there are still opposite views coming from the various lawmakers, but in spite of this situation there are most favourable views too.