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China to create International Maritime Judicial Center: Supreme People’s Court of China

An International Maritime Judicial Center for protecting the National Sovereignty and Maritime rights, will be created by the China, as stated by the Supreme People’s Court of country, which is reported by the state news agency Xinhua.

As per the new agency, the statements are released today, on 13th March, and this move as cleared by the Supreme People’s Court of the country, has come as tensions rise in the South China Sea, where the China is locked in long- standing maritime disputes with several countries.

Moreover, as per the report, is has given few details about the operation the center, however, to make China into a “maritime power” the courts in the country would work.

As per Chief Judge of China- Zhou Qiang, the national sovereignty, maritime interests and other core interests in the Nation will be certainly safeguarded by the judiciary in China.

Moreover, notably, in the case brought up by the Philippines, in the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague, the China refused to participate. It was seen that the firstly the suit by the Philippines was brought up in the year 2013 for settling the maritime claims in the South China Sea, however, it is China which has refused to participate in, and notably again, the ruling in the case will soon in May will arrive.

Moreover it was stated by the Chinese Foreign Minister- Wang Yi at the news conference, which was held on Tuesday, that ‘China was fully in line with the law for not accepting the arbitration. Further, he said that the practice of arbitration to agree mutually, was broken by the Philippines as such, that arbitration is stained and gone astray, thus China is “not going to humor it”.

Thus, as the United States and its allies claiming the some of 3,000 acres of land in massive dredging operations which have turned sandbars into islands. China found fired under this. Moreover, it was also seen in the recent days, that the China has warned United States’ warships and military to stay away from such islands.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan

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