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Entire life Imprisonment for five Convicts in Danish Woman Rape Case

gang Rape

New Delhi: Delhi Court finally found 5 people guilty of crimes like abduction, robbery and rape in the case of ‘inhuman’ gang- rape of Danish woman in Delhi, in the year 2014 and convicted all of them and awarded them sentence to suffer ‘life imprisonment till death’.

The decision by the Trial Court in the case was taken, yesterday, on Friday, 10th June. The case was famous as there was a fifty- two- year old Danish woman who was subjected to ‘inhuman’ gang- rape by the five men who firstly abducted her and then committed brutal acts upon her.

While, convicting and sentencing the said five men, the court observed that the men behaved ‘inhumanly’ to satisfy their lust. As such, the Trial Court decided not to grant any leniency in their favour for their “barbaric cruel” act. Notably, the said Danish Woman, had been to India as tourist and due to such brutal attack on her person, she could have even died, as observed by court. As such, the Court decided to send a strong message to the society as crimes like these ruin the reputation of the country.

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