Financial autonomy of judiciary will be discussed by top judges

With the guidance of Supreme Court the top most judges of the country will be meeting for 3 days from today to discuss about National Vision Document 2015-2020.  Main deliberation of this will be financial autonomy for judiciary, fast-tracking the cases and to strengthen the vigilance cell in all District and High Courts.

This will be quite different as it will be an interaction between Chief Justice of Indian and 2 senior most judges of Supreme Court and also has other 24 High Court Chief Justices who are participating.  Main focus here will to find a solution and not just discussing the problems that is existing in judiciary.

Supreme Court’s senior judge has told that they will focus on how to solve the problems and it will not be mere discussions between them.  H L Dattu Chief Justice of India had clearly informed the participating High Court Chief Justices that all of them must bring out the solutions to make the judiciary an effective and speedy justice delivery mechanism.

More than 2.5 crores of cases are pending in the three-tier system and it is not being cleared as there are no proper number of judges even at lower level and at High Court level.  Although strength of judges have increased many High Courts do not have proper infrastructure like court rooms to accommodate these newly added judges and because of this the cases are getting piled up even though there is a high disposal rate.

Main task of complete computerisation of all courts, cases relating to women to be fast tracked, children and senior citizens and to strengthen juvenile justice system will be the agenda of the judges.  Corruption has also become the cause for the lack of faith in judiciary in the last decade and thus vigilance cell has to be strengthened and so this will also be the main point where the judges will have to find out the solution.

By Sushma Javare