Gulberg Society Case: Special Court likely to pronounce Quantum of Punishment to 24 Convicted

Gulbarg-Society Riot

Ahmadabad: Today, on Thursday, 9th June, the Special NIT Court being trial court in the Gulbarg Society Massacre case, is set to pronounce its decision on the quantum of punishment. This special court had already convicted 24 convicts in the said case.

The decision as to the conviction of the said 24 accused persons was taken by the Special NIT court, on 2nd day of June and it was found that the said persons were having involvement in the brutal massacre of 69 people including the former member of Parliament- Ehsan Jafri. The incident was taken place on 28th day of February, 2002.

The Special Court had hold the eleven persons guilty of murder, and remaining thirteen out of twenty- four were convicted for the other charges, like rioting, unlawful assembly, etc. moreover, other 36 persons, though were tried by the court, but were acquitted from the charges, and such acquitted persons were also including a former police official and a local BJP leader. However, in the said case, though the charges of the conspiracy were levelled against the accused persons, but, this court found no evidence in that relation, as such the charges as to conspiracy were dropped by it.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan

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