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International Seminar on Freedom of Information Endeavours in the SAARC Nations: Challenges & Remedies on 19th March, 2016 – Last date for the submission – 25th February, 2016

Centre for Transparency and Accountability in Governance National Law University, Delhi in association with National Campaign for Peoples’ Right to Information, New Delhi announced the ‘International Seminar on Freedom of Information Endeavours in the SAARC Nations: Challenges & Remedies’, which will have held at the premises of National Law University, Delhi on 19th day of March, 2016.

SAARC- The South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation which aims at promoting the welfare of the peoples of South Asia and to improve their quality of life through accelerated economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region. However, the rampant corruption in public as well as private sectors affected the SAARC nations and their economics are also affected by such domestic and transnational Corruption. And as the Right to information has been recognized significantly in the SAARC nations as the fundamental rights under their constitutional provisions, the effect of it are to be studied in detail. As such, the present international seminar is proposed with the aforementioned theme.

Moreover, there are some sub- themes also provided from the organizers, in the following titles included:

1. Effectiveness of Pro-active disclosure scheme

2. Freedom of Information/Right to Information Laws and Corruption Control

3. Accountability of the Public authority and Public Information officers.

4. Nature and Scope of Exemptions under the Freedom of Information Laws

5. Dilution of access to Information and the Judiciary.

6. Empowerment of the Information Commissions

7. Reforms related to functioning of the Right to Information Schemes.

8. Protection to RTI Applicants/whistleblowers under Law.

9. Political Parties under RTI/Freedom of information scheme

10. Private Institutions performing public functions and Access to information

11. International Public and Private Organisations operating in the SAARC Nations and extent of RTI/Freedom of Information

12. Comparative Analysis of Freedom of Information Laws in the SAARC Nations: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Maldives, and Bangladesh

13. Challenges before the Freedom of Information/Right to Information endeavours in the SAARC Nations.

Moreover, all such themes are only illustrative but not exhaustive, as such, the candidate can select any topic which he considered relating to the main theme.

Also, notably, the organizers have invited research papers on the specified topics pertaining to the Freedom of information, from the Researchers, Scholars, Bar and Bench, Teachers and Students, PIO, NGO and Civil Society. Also it is specified that there will be allowed only a single co- author and also only selected papers will be allowed to make presentation of. Also, the papers which will be selected by the Editorial Committee may be published in a book with ISBN number.

Moreover, for the registration, the candidate will be required to pay registration fee of Rs. 500 (for legal professionals/ teachers) and Rs. 200 (for students). Also, as per guidelines the paper should not be containing more than 10,000 words and the contents should be typed in Fonts- Times New Roman, Font size- 12, Paper Size- A4 with Margin- 1’’ on all sides also with Line Spacing- 1.5 using MS Word application. Also, the candidates are required to mention brief profile about them, their email id, contact number and address, at the end of paper. Thus, the interested candidates are required to submit their papers on or before, 25th day of this February, and the notifications for approved abstracts will be published on 28th day of this February and also on 12th day of March this year, the registration and submission of the completed paper need to be effected.

Last Date of Submission of Abstract – 25th February, 2016

Date of Notification for Approval – 28th February, 2016

Submit Complete Paper and Registration- 12th March, 2016

Submit Paper to Convener –

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For more details contact:
Seminar Convener
Dr.Jeet Singh Mann,
Director Centre for Transparency Accountability in Governanace,National Law University Delhi
+91-9968867500 (10am-5pm only)