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National Conference on Prevention of Corruption in India: Challenges Ahead (PCICA) on May 16-17, 2015 conducted by H.N.B. Garhwal University

The H.N.B. Garhwal University is organizing the National Conference on the topic ‘Prevention of Corruption in India: Challenges Ahead’ on 16th and 17th May in this year. The seminar will be conducted at the Seminar hall in the HNB Garhwal University campus at Badshahithoul in the State of Uttarakhand. The sub themes of the seminar include:

  • Impact of Corruption on Economy
  • Corporate Ethics & Corruption
  • Avoidance of double tax agreements and corruption
  • Anti-Corruption Movements & Measures
  • Various Kinds of Corruptions and their prevention
  • Role of NGOs/Societies in sensitization and controlling corruption
  • International Cooperation to tackle Corruption
  • Any other issue relating to the theme

According to the organizers, the beginning of corruption initiated with the political leaders who damaged the democratic structure of our country. The recent trend is that the people who work sincerely are not recognized and are denied high positions. The main reason behind corruption is the unethical relation between the politicians, criminals, corporate and bureaucrats. The corporate level corruption includes malpractice in weighing products, food adulteration and demanding high profits, and other kinds of bribery which is increasingly victimized in our society. Tax evasion is yet another practice prevailing in the country. In Panchayats and Municipalities, the officials charge tax even though the building is constructed as per building rules and plan is approved by the Government.

The major cause for the deteriorating of political parties is the increased corruption. This in turn damages the prime significance of the government. Due to these reasons, democracy, rule of law, law and order, sovereignty and integrity of the nations, human rights etc are negatively affected. But now, corruption is affected globally and had become a menace to the entire international community. Hence, raising voice against corruption had become one of the primary developmental problems in India. It is also estimated that if corruption in India reduces, the GDP growth rate will gradually increase every year in India. Thereby, unemployment and poverty can be minimized.

To fight against corruption, the H.N.B. Garhwal University ventures to find answer to the problem by conducting a conference on this topic. The conference will definitely contribute to the suggestions of eminent persons.

The University calls papers to be presented from the academicians, research scholars and students on the themes provided above. The abstract should consist of less than 600 words and the full papers should consist of nearly 5000 words. The abstract should reach the organizers prior to April 20, 2015. The full paper should reach the organizers within April 30, 2015. The full details of the author should be written in the paper. The registration fee will be Rs 2000 for organizations, Rs 1000 for faculty and Rs 800 for research scholars and students.

For more details contact:

Dr. Krishna K Verma (Convenor)
School of commerce
HNB Garhwal University
Campus Badshahithoul, Tehri Garhwal
Ph: +91-8394057487, +91-8791237825

By Jewel Panicker