North Korea Sanctions: UN Security Council May Adopt Resolution

On Tuesday, the US diplomat said that the United Nations Security Council will vote for the resolution drafted by US that imposes raft of new sanctions on North Korea after its rocket launch and nuclear tests. The members of the council will have a meeting at 3 pmĀ  to discuss on the measures adopted by US which will be difficult to be imposed on North Korea. The draft resolution was presented by US to the council a week before subsequent to the agreement reached with China regarding the new sanctions. The new measures were decided to be imposed on the reason that the nuclear test was carried out on January 6 and a rocket launch was tried on February 7. These tests infringed the resolutions that prohibited North Korea from making a nuclear and ballistic missile program.

As per the draft resolutions, the countries could inspect the cargo taken from and carried to North Korea, make trade restrictions and restrict vessels which is suspected to carry illegal commodities. The measure also restricts the export of coal, iron ore etc. The resolution further bans sale of rare earth minerals, gold and titanium from North Korea. There is also prohibition of supplying of aviation fuel. It would also impose strict regulation on banking and the flights would be banned if it carries contraband.

The resolution includes 12 entities as well as 17 individuals to the UN sanctions. It consists of NADA space agency of North Korea and Reconnaissance General Bureau, the intelligence agency. Though Russia asked for some time to examine the contents of the resolution, US, Britain and France asked for immediate adoption. The US ambassador also stated that if the measures are adopted, it would be one of the strong sanction ever imposed by the Security Council. Due to the nuclear tests and rocket launches from 2006 onwards, North Korea was under the sanction of UN.

Adv. Jewel Panicker