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North Korean Leader- Kim Jong-Un decides for more nuclear tests: Military tensions surged in Korean Peninsula

As per State Media, which said on Yesterday that the North Korean leader- Kim Jong-Un has ordered further nuclear tests, as there was surged the military tensions on the Korean peninsula with the United States and South Korean forces which being engaged in large- scale joint exercise condemned by Pyongyang.

It was seen that since the Join- drills which began on last Monday, the daily warnings and statements were issued from North, talking up its nuclear strike capabilities and threatening to the effect that the Seoul and Washington would be turned into ‘flames and ashes’.

After the ballistic missile launch on Thursday, the leader- Kim ordered more nuclear explosion tests for estimating the destructive power of the newly produced nuclear warheads, as reported by the KCNA news agency.

Moreover, as per the KCNA news agency, it was on Thursday, the launch of two short- range ballistic missiles which were passed through the eastern part of the Country while it was falling into the East Sea i.e. the Sea of Japan, and it was termed by the KCNA as the part of a nuclear strike exercise.

Also it was seen that Pyongyang has stated that the drills would be responded with an ‘operation to liberate the whole of South Korea including Seoul’, with an “ultra- precision blitzkrieg”. However, such statements of Pyongyang has received the responses from the South Korea’s defence ministry with the warning against further provocations, as reported by the Yonhap news agency.

It was from the very early days of this year, i.e. in January, when the fourth nuclear test was carried out, the Military tensions on the divided Korean peninsula have been on the rise. Moreover, it is also followed by the long- range rocket launch which was done in the month of February.

Responding on the actions which the North has done in those days, the South Korea and the United States had scaled up their annual joint drills, and such practices are always condemned by Pyongyang as provocative rehearsals for invasion.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan

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