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North Korean Supreme Court sentenced an American Student to 15 years of hard labour

An American Student- Otto Warmbier, who being a student from the University of Virginia was sentenced to 15 years of hard labour, by the North Korean Supreme Court, on his admission of stealing a propaganda banner from a hotel.

Moreover, the US Spokesman- Josh Earnest preferred to say that the Pyongyang was using United States Citizens as “pawns” for pursuing a political agenda. Further, he called for the releasing of American student.

Also, Spokesman- Earnest found stated that the North Korean Government are strongly encouraged thereby to pardon him and grant him special amnesty and release him immediately. Further, he said that the in United States or in just about any other country in the world, the acts for which an individual was arrested would not give rise to arrest or imprisonment.

Many from the observers found stated that the imposition of the harsh sentence by the North Korean courts was likely a reflection of soaring military tensions on the divided Korean peninsula.

The tensions between North and US is following to the North’s action of testing nuclear power in January and also a long- range rocket launch in the month of February. And US is found taking a leading role in securing the resulting sanctions which the United Nations, Security Council has imposed on the North, in the early days of this month.

As per KCNA which has reported the instances of jailing American, it has remarked the act of offence as corresponding to the US Government’s hostile policy, towards North Korea.

It was also notable that as reported by KCNA, the American student had initially been arrested in the early of January, on the charges of “hostile acts” against the state. And further KCNA said that he was convicted under the article of the criminal code, dealing with subversion.

While in inquiry, the accused was found confessing the serious offence, as stated by KCNA. The American Student was arrested as he was leaving the country with tour group and later he was stated to had removed a political banner from the staff- only area of the Pyongyang hotel.

Yesterday, on 16th March, the White House indicted North Korea for its act of putting him into the jail, for political reasons. Moreover, America want immediate release of their man- Otto Warmbier.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan

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