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Supreme Court Bar Association President , Dushyant Dave placed resignation

New Delhi: President to the Supreme Court Bar Association, Dushyant Dave has resigned on this Monday, i.e. on 15th day of February, 2016 and he sought such resignation with the immediate effect.

Dusyant Dave was found taking several key decisions and playing key role in it, when the issues of Supreme Court Bar Association. Also in solving the issues among the lawyers housing society, he played great role.

In his comments over his suddenly forwarded resignation, Dushyant Dave said that he felt lacuna in the support relating to the issues from the Executive committee of Supreme Court Bar Association and hence he quit. He expressed in the words, “I am hugely disappointed”. Moreover, he further commented that when he can not do anything for bar, then there will be no point in continuing.

Dave found unhappy with the unilateral proposal of the Secretary of Supreme Court Bar Association, Gaurav Bhatia, in which Bhatia sought maintaining of the register on the judges who retires. And in his oppose, Dave found mentioning that the said act of maintaining register on the retired judge would be consequently misused.

Moreover, on this issue, when Dave opposed to this proposal, a meeting of an executive committee of Supreme Court Bar Association was called. And in this meeting, Dave was viciously attacked by the backers of Bhatia and there was made all sorts of allegations against him, thus, this meeting led him to take this biggest decision, as it was found acrimonious for him.

And it was found soon after such meeting, as said by sources, that President to Supreme Court Bar Association, Dave placed his resignation.

It is also found mentioned in his forwarded resignation letter that, Dave had tendered this with sincere apology for taking such step.

Moreover, Dave in his letter to Bhatia on 14th day of this February, sought to mention that the last part in the draft put forwarded by Bhatia in the meeting was without any basis and as such he requested Bhatia to remove the same. The letter was as such wrote and forwarded earlier to the said resignation.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan