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Supreme Court extends ban on Diesel Vehicles in Delhi NCR

New Delhi: Today, on first day of April, the honourable Supreme Court of India after observing that the “super rich” and the “show- offs” cannot make the others’ lives miserable by polluting the environment, it said that now the court is in favour to impose an environment compensatory charges on all diesel vehicles. Moreover, the Court found extending the ban on diesel vehicles (with the engine capacity of more than 2000 cc) registration in the Delhi NCR, temporarily till its further make its decision.

It was seen that the said decision was made by the concerned bench of the Apex Court, comprising of Chief Justice of India- T. S. Thakur, Justice- A. K. Sikri and Justice R. Banumathi. While making the decision was also observed that the earlier ban in this connection was expired today.

While considering the issue before it, the Chief Justice- T. S. THakur observed that the class of the people are buying BMW and Mercedes like cars without bothering about their mileage or economy. “these are super-rich or corporate houses or those who want to show- off buying these cars”. Further, chief Justice- Thakur found asking that “Why these people should be allowed to make the lives of others miserable by polluting?”

Moreover, the bench further observed that a person must be made “to pay extra” when he is knowing that he is to buy a “polluting vehicle”. Further the bench added that the “offence lies in using the fuel. Diesel is not innocent and we all know that.” It is pertinent to note here that the bench has made the decision in connection the plea sought by the well- known environmentalist- M C Mehta, who brought the issue before the honourable Apex Court by preferring Public Interest Litigation.

As such, the court today began the proceedings in connection with such PIL by taking stock of the situation on the ground in the wake of the string of directives which it had already passed in the last year (December) for controlling the environmental pollution.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan

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