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Supreme Court refuses to entertain plea to investigate Mumbai cops

New Delhi: Today, on Monday, 14th March, the Supreme Court of India denied to entertain the plea where an investigation against the Mumbai cops were sought as they allegedly work on the payroll of Underworld Don- Dawood Ibrahim.

The plea was preferred by one Rakesh Josh- resident of Mumbai, who filed a petition before the Apex Court and based his plea on the statements of the Former Union Home Secretary- R. K. Singh. It was in the Interview to the leading Hindi News Channel, Singh had talked about the botched operation for targeting the Underworld Don- Dawood. However, that time, he made it very clear that he cannot say it was confirmed as there is no evidence in this regard.

In the Statements made by Singh, he found stated that the group was being trained for targeting Dawood, however, he had people in Mumbai Police on his “pay roll” who were alerted. However, he said Mumbai Police is saying that they have warrant against them, however, he made clear saying that it is no confirmed, and he “just hear” and not having evidence.

It was that time when the Prime Minister’s position was held by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, as per Singh, there was a covert operation planned by country for targeting Dawood and was launched during that period, however, that was also negotiated by some corrupt elements in the Mumbai Police.

It is notable that the Statements by Singh were preferred in the month of August last year, and thereafter now, the afore named petitioner sought a plea before the honourable Supreme Court of India where he sought probing against such police officers in Mumbai Police.

The underworld Don- Dawood Ibrahim is currently in the wanted list of Interpol for cheating, criminal conspiracy, and also for running the organized crime syndicate. He is actually the leader of Indian Organized crime syndicate D- company founded in Mumbai. Also, he suspiciously works with the minds having criminal intentions and criminal activities. As such he is named as terror in the Underworld list.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan

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