The Indian Fisheries Act, 1897

The Indian Fisheries Act was enacted on 4th February, 1897. It extends to whole India expect territories which immediately settled before 1st November, 1956 in part B. This Act should be read with other acts or supplement to other fisheries law. For the act “Fish includes Shell-fish” and “Fixed Engine means a net, or a cage, trap or any other scheme to catch fish which is fixed in soil or made static in other way”.

If there is any destruction i.e., using of dynamite or any explosives substance by any person in any water or any coast while catching fish or destroying fish then is punishable with imprisonment for two month and fine which can extend to two hundred rupees. If there is destruction by way of using poison like lime or noxious material by any person in water to catch or destroy fish is punished with imprisonment with two month and fine with two hundred rupees.

State Government make rules for protection of fish in selected waters i.e., all of such waters other then private waters. But State Government may even apply rules to private waters with consent in writing of the owner and to all other person having absolute right of fishery. These rules may prohibit erection and use of fixed engines, construction of wires etc., and also prohibit all fishing in any specified water for a period not exceeding two years. If any of rules ignored then punishment with fine extend to one hundred rupees and if such ignorance is continuing then further fine which may extend to ten rupees for every day.

Any person who commits any offence and is punishable then State Government in this behalf without an order from Magistrate and without warrant arrest that person committing offence and is detained until his name and address is correctly ascertained.

by Samata. H. Joshi