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The Indian Maritime University Act, 2008

The Indian Maritime University Act, 2008 was enacted on 11th November, 2008. Basic purpose behind enacting this act was to initiate and include teaching and recognised university at national level to ease and promote maritime studies and research and to accomplish brilliance in area of marine science and technology, marine environment and other related fields and similar matters so. For this act, “College means, a college maintained by or admitted to the privileges of the University for imparting education and training in maritime studies or in its associated disciplines.

The college has to be established in the name of “Indian Maritime University” with its main college in Chennai and other branches being in Mumbai, Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam and such other places as they think fit. University shall be constituted by first chancellor, first vice chancellor, first member of court, executive counsel, academic counsel, planning board and all other member such as officer or member. University shall have perpetual succession and common seal and can be sue or sued in its own name. Thus, University shall be both teaching and affiliating University.

Aim and object of University is to promote maritime studies, training, and research and to increase knowledge for oceanography, maritime history, maritime laws, maritime security, search and rescue, transportation of dangerous cargo, environmental studies, to take proper steps for promoting innovations in teaching and learning process, to promote constitutionality i.e., freedom, secularism to pay transform educational and social-economic interest of people in India.

Powers conferred upon Universities, like, to provide instruction to other universities for development and dissemination of knowledge, make provision to undertake special studies, to establish and maintain campuses, colleges, institution, departments, laboratories, libraries, museums, centres for research, hostels, health centres, playground, gymnasiums, swimming pool and auditorium, to confer honorary degrees, certain terms and condition like director, principal, teachers and other members for academy are to be appointed by University, to appoint teacher of another universities of specific period, to create teaching, non-teaching, administrative, and other such post in University for appointment etc,.

There shall be Visitor of University. For this act President of India shall be the visitor of university. Such visitor from proper interval appoint one or more person to visit university and such visitor will inspect university building, libraries, laboratories and its equipment, and maintenance of college or institution campus. University may appoint person who shall have right to hear the inspection made by the visitor. Chancellor, Vice-chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Deans of schools, Directors, Registrars, Finance-officers shall be the officer of university.

As per the provision of the act, ordinance may be produce for issues like, admission of students to university and their menthol, courses to be laid down, medium of instruction and examination, awards to be given like degree, diploma, academic distinction, fellowship, scholarship, medal and prizes, conduct examination and appoint and render duties to examining bodies and moderators, conditions of residence for students of university, collaboration with other universities in India or aboard, and such other terms and conditions of service of teachers and other academic staff, establishing machinery for redressal for grievances of employees.

University has to prepare annual report; annual accounts and balance-sheet which has to be submitted visitor and further it submit to central government and further to be submitted to house of parliament. If there is any dispute between employee and university matter has to be referred to arbitration tribunal and for which any order passed by such Arbitration tribunal shall be final and binding. In such manner if any dispute between university and student, then at request of student matter can be referred to tribunal. No such legal suit shall lie against university if act don e by university is in good faith or in good conscience in relation to provision lead under this act. Hence, university while discharging its function under this act are bound to follow direction on question of policy as central government may give in writing and such question relating to policy shall be final and binding.

by Samata. H. Joshi