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There is a need to check adoption racket: Supreme Court

On Wednesday Supreme Court said that we need to check the foreigners who adopt the orphan children and later exploit them in other nations which has become a big racket and so it is a high time that it has to be checked regarding child trafficking and anyone who is found guilty of this crime must be booked under the law of the land.  Justices N V Ramana and Justice Ranjan Gogoi told that through adoption many Indian children were traded and it was quite disturbing and thus has to be stopped. A Canadian lady who was of Indian origin to adopt child from India was stopped by the court.

Shekhar Naphade a senior lawyer had appeared on behalf of an NGO and sought a ban on these inter-country adoptions and informed the bench that these children who are adopted were used for trading and exploited and so requested the court to make strict rules for adopting a child from our country to other nation. He further stated that government has got no time to give an eye into this matter. There was a case where a girl was adopted by US parents and she was not cared properly so she got indulged in drug trafficking and did not get US citizenship too.  He said that there is a lot of money involved in these kind of cases and government has no time to check or control it and thus children as the being exploited to a great extent. Chairman of Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), which is under women and child development ministry that deals with adoptions in the country, J K Mittal, was involved in an adoption racket and arrested for it too and also caught while taking bribe. CARA which has to keep an eye on adoption, is itself involved in such rackets and such facts are quite disturbing.

Canadian woman, Mytreyi Bharadwa’s plea was rejected and it did not allow her to adopt a child from Kolkata Orphanage to Toronto when the court came to knew that CARA chief received bribe from her assistant. Court enquired to CARA asking to answer the question regarding how the lady got a no-objection certificate from the agency without being properly enquired. There was no answer by the government to the query raised by the court.

by Sushma Javare.