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US President Obama chose Merrick Garland for US Supreme Court

Washington: The United States President- Barack Obama today, on Wednesday, 16th March, nominated Merrick Garland- veteran appellate court judge, to the US’s Supreme Court, setting up a potentially ferocious political showdown with Senate Republicans who have sworn to block any Obama nominee.

63 years old- Merrick Garland is now the chief Judge of the US court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, besides he is considered a moderate and also the proposal is to replace Justice- Antonin Scalia who was a long- serving conservative justice and was died on 13th of last month.

Obama in his statements in the White House Rose Garden, found stated that he has selected a nominee who is widely recognized not only as one of the Sharpest legal minds in America, but also someone who brings to his work a spirit of decency, modesty, integrity and even handedness and excellence. Moreover, he said such qualities and his long commitment for public service have earned him the respect. Thus, he may be admire from both side’s leaders of aisle, as further stated by him.

In the rules, the confirmation from the senate is required for joining any nominee to the bench. However, as told earlier, the Senate Republicans have vowed not to hold confirmation hearings or vote on any such nominations picked by the Democratic President. In the views of the Republicans, the seat of President they want vacant, as they demanding Obama to leave it, they moreover, want next president to occupy it.

Moreover, the Obama’s nominated, Garland is a long time appellate judge and also he was a prosecutor earlier. Also, notably, the Indian- American Judge- Sri Srinivasan, being the judge of Federal Appeals court, has also been a finalist for the nomination.

However, notably, the Judge- Garland, in the past has earned praise from the lawmakers of both the parties, and he was named to his current job by Democratic President Bill Clinton in the year 1997, winning senate confirmation. In the very early period, he was working in the Justice Department during the Clinton administration.

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