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Civil Procedure with Limitation Act, 1963 by C.K. Takwani Paperback – 2014

Practicing in law, requires command over few important subjects in the law, which specifically includes the Procedure codes. Thus, while studying law, the student is required to bring his command over such procedural laws, so that they can be able to practice well in the courts. The procedure of the court, starting from the filing of the matter before the courts till the finality of the judgements, everything is provided in these procedural laws. And when the matters are civil in nature, then, in India, the Code of Civil Procedure is the procedural law. The present book is thus, providing the procedural law prescribing the method for enforcing civil rights and duties. It is discussing every minute details in Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 and also additionally it is providing the detailed provisions of the Limitation Act, 1963. Moreover, it is recently updated with its 7th edition and here the various amendments taken place and moreover, information on the topics, chapters in law are given in detailed. The new chapter on Limitation Act, 1963 has been added in the book, as the Bar Council has declared inclusion of the Limitation Act- subject along with the Code of Civil Procedure, in the law school curriculum. Moreover, this book is also offering the discussion on various case laws given in connection with the connected topics. Thus, the book is also much referable by the students as their edition. Also, it is prescribed in almost all universities in India. Notably, though it is written for the students and the junior members of the Bar, but is still a great reference tool for the lawyers and judges.

The book is authored by the eminent writer, who has also served as justice to the honourable Supreme Court of India- C. K. Takwani (Thakker). The book is written as an authority on the subject and acclaimed as a compact book written in lucid style. Thus, its seventh edition is made more informative and useful. It is because of its great impact in the professionals and students, the book is also rated as bestseller on its publisher’s site (Eastern book Company).

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