Delhi High Court has extended Interim Relief Stay on Drug ban

New Delhi: The honorable Delhi High Court has decided to extent the effect of interim relief in favour of pharmaceutical companies and as such it has restrained the Government from enforcing the ban on hundreds of drugs for another week till the court would hear the petitions made by the drugmakers, where they have challenged the order.

The court has stayed as such the effect of the Notification which was issued by the Central Government for banning the drugs manufactured by Abbott India and macleods Pharma.

It was seen that the 344 drug combinations were stayed by the Government through that notification, and this was also seemed including the codeine- based cough syrup of the Abbott India, however, it was found by the Government panel that they had no medial justification for dealing with such drugs. It was also seen that the matter was taken to the High court through a petition, by the Indian units of Abbott Laboratories and Pfizer Inc. and also other domestic companies, like Macleods Pharmaceuticals and Cipla Ltd. The main and basic issue they raised before court was that to challenge the said banning notification, and also they claimed interim relief of staying the said notification’s effect.

Thus, it was seen that the concerned bench of High Court of Delhi, heard the issue and after considering the various submissions and contentions from the side of companies and their executives and lawyers, the interim relief is decided. It is notable that the concerned drugs combinations are used worldwide for improving patients’ compliance. Moreover, it was also pointed that there have been a long termed selling of such drugs in the Indian market.

It was notable as pointed by the lawyer representing the Government- Sanjay Jain, who told reporters that the “commercial interests are not larger than public health”. Also he said that he was trying to get the bench for lifting its order staying the ban imposing notification. Moreover, the contentions preferred by the Abbott India was that it is challenging the ban as like others and mainly it is in connection with its popular codeine- based cough syrup as told early.

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