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Ukrainian women pilot held guilty of murdering two Russian journalists by Russian Court

Yesterday, i.e. on Monday 21st March, Nadezhda Savchenko- the Ukrainian pilot was held guilty by the Russian Court for his participation in the murdering of the Two journalists from Russia in the war-torn eastern Ukraine.

The decision was taken by the Russian court’s concerned Judge. The Judge has started reading his verdict in the case, on Monday’s morning, and also he further pointed that the Ukrainian pilot- Savchenko who has served in a volunteer Ukrainian battalion at the time when the incident happened, was called in a co- ordinates for the shooting. And it is notable that the concerned two Russian journalists were killed in such shooting and also several civilians were also killed in such war- torn, which was happened in 2014 (July).

Also, it was considered while in the trial in this case, the Judge pointed that the Trial recounted the situations in which the case was brought up, and further he was observed that the concerned pilot was found to be one from the ‘Criminal Group’. Also courts said that such criminal group was doing it with the objective to kill an “unlimited number of people”.

It was also observed while the Judge was reading its verdict, that not pilot- Savchencko nor her lawyers found reacted in any kind or way on such reading. However, till today, there is no sentence awarded against her, which she would be required to served in the jail, but, on Tuesday, the court has fixed its date for awarding such sentence. Moreover, notably, the Prosecutors had asked for a Twenty- three years’ imprisonment sentence to be awarded against the convicted pilot.

It was seen that the 9,100 people were killed in the fight which was taken place in between Russia- backed separatists and Government troops in eastern Ukraine. Moreover, many of the people were put to suffer the pain coming out of their facing injuries. Now, the rebel- held location is left alone from the rest of Ukraine. As already said herein-above, the sentencing which the convicted- pilot is to face, will expectedly be awarded on tomorrow, Tuesday.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan

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