Edinburgh Law Review – Volume 20, Issue 2nd May, 2016

The Edinburgh Law Review is a worldwide forum for the discourse of law. It contains unique, refereed scholastic written work, Contemporary substantive law, legal theory and history, and different parts of the investigation of law in its social and social connection, Concentrate on Scots law and the Scottish legitimate framework, setting the law of Scotland in a universal and relative connection, Talk of issues normal to blended lawful frameworks, Analysis of Court Decisions and impact of legislation, Review of significant scholastic works etc all with a specific spotlight on Scots law. A particular feature of this journal is that it gives emphasis on Scots law from a universal and comparative viewpoint.
Scots law is among the modest bunch of legal frameworks which consolidates the regular law with the common law, and a portion of the underlying volumes in the arrangement investigate parts of such “blended” lawful frameworks. This Journal is now nominated for the 2016 BIALL Legal Journals Award. The Journal is Published by Edinburgh University Press.

Latest Issue: Volume 20, Issue 2 May, 2016

  • Farewell to Unjustified Enrichment? by Nils Jansen:  Read More
  • Appellate Deference in Scottish Child Protection Cases by Kenneth McK Norrie: Read More
  • Searching for Change: Scottish Stop and Search Powers by Genevieve Lennon: Read More


  • Penalty Clauses in the Supreme Court: A Legitimately Interesting Decision? by Bobby Lindsay: Read More
  • Somerville v Harsco Infrastructure Ltd: Transferred Intent and the Scope of Vicarious Liability by Mat Campbell: Read More
  • (D)EBTS, Taxes and Rangers FC: The Advocate General for Scotland v Murray Group Holdings Ltd by Daniel J Carr: Read More
  • The Scottish Statutory Duty of Candour by David A Stephenson QC: Read More
  • The European Union Migration Crisis by Justin Borg-Barthet and Carole Lyons: Read More
  • Reduction for Forgery and Equitable Exceptions: Chalmers v Chalmers by Daniel J Carr: Read More


  • Herman Pünder and Christian Waldorf (eds), Debates in German Public Law by Dirk Hanschel: Read More
  • Andrew Dickinson and Eva Lein, The Brussels I Regulation Recast by Chukwudi Paschal Ojiegbe: Read More
  • Paul S Davies, Accessory Liability by Bobby Lindsay: Read More
  • John Cairns, Codification, Transplants and History: Law Reform in Louisiana (1808) and Quebec (1866) by Dr Esin Orucu: Read More
  • Stephen Thomson, The Nobile Officium: The Extraordinary Equitable Jurisdiction of the Supreme Courts of Scotland: Read More
  • Graeme Orr, Ritual and Rhythm in Electoral Systems: A Comparative Legal Account by Heather Green: Read More
  • Stefan Vogenauer (ed), Commentary on the Unidroit Principles of International Commercial Contracts (PICC) by Eric Clive: Read More
  • Eric Descheemaeker (ed), The Consequences of Possession by David Carey Miller: Read More
  • Alan Page, Constitutional Law of Scotland by Adam Tomkins: Read More
  • Tarunabh Khaitan, A Theory of Discrimination Law by Alice Belcher: Read More

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