Guide for Men on Divorce, Cruelty, Desertion, Annulment by Vivek Deveshwar

Indian laws on Marriage, Divorce and Maintenance, etc. are little separate from the laws of the other countries. India being the country having peoples from various religion, its laws on such topics are varies with the religion and their own personal principles. And the favour to the weaker sections among the population, like special treatment to the Women and children have vested them with some powers, which was provided with view to support them against the strong sections in the population. However, many times it can be seen that the weaker sections are misusing such power, as observed many times by the Indian judiciary, as such some sort of protection against such misuse to be offered in favour of the Men.

Thus, the present book is provided in the form of Guide for the Men on the issues of Divorce, Cruelty, Desertion and Annulment. The book is stated to be written from the perspective of informing the Men in India about the cruelty, desertion, adultery, mental disorder and false allegations as a ground for divorce and annulment of the marriage. The book covers the broad areas in which basically it is offering the introduction and also describing various rights of the men. It is also discussing the common patterns which is seen in dysfunctional marriage. Moreover, when the marriage is brought to the courts and legal proceedings, the steps in this connection during a divorce trial have been sequence wise discussed in the book.

 Moreover, for drafting the petition, etc. the book is offering all important points. Moreover, it is also discussing the required evidences and their collection. Also, the most important, the use of judgements, and category of judgements favouring the men are also discussed with the reference importance. About 70 different judgements are discussed in detail in this book in different twelve categories. Talking about the author, it is important to know that the present book is authored by the most famous author- Vivek Deveshwar who has also provided other books for the Men’s support while the matters of divorce, maintenance is concerned, the second amazing book brought from this author is ‘How to Fight and Reduce Maintenance Under CrPC 125 and DV Act.’

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