Indian Capital Market: Legal Regime (First Edition, 2016) Paperback – 2016 by Abhishek Mishra

People who want their money to get invested in the perfect place so that they can earn profit, should have knowledge about the various aspects in the Capital Market in the country where they want to invest. In India, earlier the situation was that there were lakhs of people were illiterate and as such for knowledge about the various market and tendencies thereof, they were highly unaware. Since from the time when Indian people started looking at the Capital market and investments therein, they got desire to know about it fully. Thus, for all such people who want to know about the Indian Capital Market and also about its legal framework in this connection are offered with the great book which is authored by the Abhishek Mishra, who was the Assistant Professor in the Business Policy Area at IIM, Ahmedabad. And also the Author to this book has got PhD from the University of Cambridge.  In the year 2010, Abhishek Mishra directed a program in Management and Leadership skills training for MCTP Phase V level 140 officers of the Indian Police Service. Moreover, in 2012 he joined Samajwadi Party and he got stunning victory in the Utter Pradesh Elections.

The Book is offering a concise description of the law which is application on the Indian Capital Market. Moreover, it is also containing the mix of legal and general information crucial for beginners who have interest in the capital market. Moreover, the material brought in this book is really useful for the students of other streams too, as the language used in the writing is really simple and easily understandable. Thus, the students, law students, law firms, business law students, management students, and other people can also take advantage of reading really important things with this amazing book.

Moreover, the book was also forwarded by the well- know Indian politician, Subramanian Swamy, who was the president of the Janata Party and has merged his party with the Bharatiya Janata Party- BJP in the year 2013. Besides, his political career, Swamy has also made his contribution towards writing works are also recognizable.

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