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Introduction to the Constitution of India Paperback – 2013 by Durgadas Basu

The Introduction to the constitution of India written by Dr.D D Basu is an analytical work which will definitely help law students, legal researcher, jurists to have a detailed understanding of Indian Constitution . This book covers elaborate provision relating to the constitution of states and other related issues of states individually. The book critically analyze matters connected with jammu and Kashmir, Assam and Punjab. It contain all constitutional amendment which helps the legal scholars to critically analyze the changes occurred in Indian Constitution for the past years. This book covers basic theories along with constitutional practices and  case studies. Moreover the authors critical comments on various Supreme Court judgments and comparison of our constitution with different countries enable the readers to clearly understand every single section and will become more interesting and more clarity in reading. The very sense of Preamble discussed in chapter three which elaborate the meaning and importance of each areas of preamble. This book also helps you in getting high score in PSC AND UPSC specially Civil Service examination. This Paperback book consist of 526 pages and published by Lexi Nexi as 21st Edition

Dr D D Basu, an Indian jurist and author of this book has written other books like Human Rights in Constitutional Law, Commentary on Constitutional law, Law of press etc. His works proves him to be an expert in the field of law and Constitution. His expertise experience makes him a master in constitution and legal issues. His analytical skill and critical perception makes his written works different from others. This book is indeed an excellent book  for newbie’s and legal professional for a better understanding of constitution and polity.

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