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Linking of Aadhar Cards with Voters Id Cards, sought by Electoral Office of Maharashtra

Mumbai: The Electoral Office of Maharashtra has initiated an aggressive drive linking Aadhaar Cards of people with their Voter Identity Cards, with an intention to rid the electoral rolls of ‘Bogus Voter’.

This last month started drive can also support the voters by giving them an option of casting their franchise online in future time, as per the Senior Electoral Officer in the State of Maharashtra.

The Officer has further said, showing people’s approach to the drive, that there are around three lakhs and ten thousands of Voters from the State of Maharashtra have registered for linking their Aadhaar Cards with Electoral Photo Identity Cards- EPIC and out of them, the number of sixteen thousands only Voters up till now, have got themselves registered from the Major Cities, Mumbai and Thane. Notably, there are as many as 43,735 Voters from Hingoli District and 43,554 Voters from Kolhapur District, who have registered themselves for such linking of their Aadhaar Cards with their Voting Id Cards, being huge number of approachers, as he said.

According to him, looking to the responses from the population from the State, the Electoral department will hold, aggressively, the special camps at Colleges and other Public places for creating an awareness amongst the Voters, regarding the benefits and profits of getting themselves registered for such linking. Soon there will be an hundred per cent result then the department can even to have planning for providing the Voters an option for casting their franchise Online by using Biometric Systems, as he said.

Such drive of liking the Aadhaar Cards with the Voter Identity Cards of the Population, will result in helping the Election Commission for removing the bogus Identities from the system and it will also help to make the Voter’s list even more transparent.

Till now, there are around 8.35 and more Voters registered from the State of Maharashtra for linking their Aadhaar Cards with their Voters ID Cards, including 4.40 and more from Men’s group and remaining others i.e. around 3.94 and more from the group of Women and also from the group of ‘others’ as per categories of Voters, as said by Officer.

 For, registration under such drive of linking Aadhar Cards with the Voters ID Cards, the Voters are suggested to log on to the State Election Commission website ‘’ and feed their Aadhaar Card numbers in the Commission’s  EPIC database, or even such Voters is given another option to directly approach to the Electoral registration offices, for their registration.

by Faim Khalilkhan Pathan.