MBA Student Sexual harassment case, Supreme Court seeks responses from CBI and Haryana Govt

New Delhi: In the case of Sexual Harassment, where the female student of MBA Course- Victim who was allegedly, subjected to Black mailing and repeated Sexual assaults by the senior students, the honourable Supreme Court of India having described the matter as serious, has asked the State Government of Haryana to respond over plea seeking investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation- CBI.

In the plea preferred by the said MBA student of Jindal Global University, besides claiming CBI investigation, she has further alleged that, the Police of State of Haryana also had treated her Complaint in a biased manner. Further, in her contentions, she also alleged that her explicit photo graphs were also posted by those offenders (Senior students) on internet.

The Vacation Bench of Hon’ble Apex Court headed by Justice, Arjan Kumar Sikri was informed by Victim student that her complaint was treated by the Police officials of the State of Haryana in a biased manner. The Victim Student was represented by Senior Advocate, Indira Jaising before the Top Court.

While so, honourable Apex Court sought to issue notice to the State Government of Haryana and also to the Central Bureau of Investigation and decided to hear the Petition of Victim Student on upcoming Wednesday. In response to the petition the Top Court has required the Police of State of Haryana to submit a probe report.

In the petition, Senior Advocate Indira Jaising and counsel representing the Victim Student has contended that in the First Information Report- FIR which was registered on 11th of April this year, no one of corresponding or relevant provisions of the Information Technology Law were invoked, even though the case and preliminary investigation in which was showing that the Crime was being committed by largely using the technologies like Computers and Mobiles.

In the present case which is mostly attracts the sexual harassment by taking help of computers and mobiles, the Police of the State of Haryana, as per Counsel- Jaising, had not even felt the need for calling in a cyber expert. As per Counsel, Victim female student was suffering Online blackmail, Criminal intimidation and Rape at the hands of the Offenders and those were arrested, over a period of time.

by Faim Khalilkhan Pathan.