Olympian, Subedar I. Singh moved Supreme Court alleging arbitrariness of Rowing Federation of India

New Delhi: A well known personality, Mr. Subedar Inderpal Singh being the first Rowing Olympian from India and also Awardee of Arjuna, preferred challenge before the honourable Apex Court of India, against the alleged rampant irregularities in the functioning of the Rowing Federation of India- RFI.

Moreover, his allegation not end with this only, he further alleges that the said Rowing Federation of India- RFI is under the Control of Families of Politicians for an about 3 consecutive decades.

In the National Rowing Championship, Mr. S. I. Singh was playing the role of Coach to the ‘Services Sports Control Board- SSCB team, in the month of February, 2014.  While so, he alleged that, he was victimized as to complaining forcefully against the non-obedience of Rules and Regulations by the Organisers. So he complained before the Jury, which instead of considering the same, imposed against him, ban of 2 years, which he termed arbitrary act by Jury, against which, now he is seeking relief from the honourable Supreme Court.

Pointing specifically the irregularities of the Rowing Federation of India- RFI in its functioning, Mr. S. I. Singh, through his representative counsel, Advocate, Neela Gokhale, alleged that Umpires, in the Rowing championship, had not followed the participating rowers in a boat, which was mandatory required in the Rules.

As per Mr. S. I. Singh, the SSCB- Services Sports Control Board team was badly disturbed, by the activities of the Delhi Crew, while being in the Race. As SSCB Crew when raised their hands for marking their protest in accordance with the concerned Rules and Regulations, however, due to non-presence of the Umpire at the finish line and even he was not following the race, SSCB Crew waited for recording their protest with the Jury, in the water. And on this issue, the Jury Members did not take any cognizance. Thus, Mr. Singh being Coach to that team approached to the Jury President along with Team manager thereof, claiming the protesting SSCB crew to be listened by Jury.

He added that, the report from the Jury President was submitted to the RFI, however, the same was neither made public nor made or shown to him. And some days after, he was provided with the ‘Show Cause Notice’ in relation to the said occurrence to which he replied in his favour and against his alleged misconduct. Even after this, Mr. S. I. Singh was banned from participating in any Rowing Events in India and even at Abroad for the period of 2 years, as per RFI’s decision.

During his protest against the alleged arbitrary decision of the RFI, he firstly preferred the Writ Petition before the honourable High Court, after getting clearances form the Army Authorities, however, the same was dismissed due to delay, as per Advocate Gokhale.

by Faim Khalilkhan Pathan.