Reports from US Congress has slammed India regarding religious freedom

Indian government has been criticised by the U.S. Congressional Report on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) after they observed that the communal violence had increased since formation of NDA government. This report states that there were findings that post-election many minority groups were attached violently by BJP and other Hindu activist groups like VHP and RSS and also have tried to forcefully convert them. This commission is a part of US State Departments which own the report regarding freedom on international religions and thus have decided to put India in second tier kind of countries which it already is since 2009.

External Affairs ministry has not reacted to this report and has told earlier, that the report was US Legislature’s internal report. Since BJP has been clearly stated in the report we should see if government reacts to this and much reference has also been made to “Ghar Wapsi” functions that were performed in 2014. There is also details about lack of rectification regarding Gujarat riots of 2002, Muzaffarabad communal riots of 2013, Hindu Christian violence in Odisha in 2007, anti-Sikh programs in 1984.India did not react so well on the report of US Commission relating to religious freedom which criticises the NDA government and just said that they had very little knowledge about India and its society so they have given such a report. External Affairs Minter also said that they are not going to take cognizance of the said report. In the report, which was released by U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) on 30 April 2015, it has put India along with other 30 countries in their list of countries that does not protect religious freedom. The report has put nearly 5 page details regarding Indian scenario on this topic and has stated that US Government has to put up this concern with bilateral contacts with the government of India. Since the report also mentions Mr Modi, the relation between India and US can be strained out.  But many diplomats do not agree with this thought and say that Indo-US relation cannot be strained over a report.

Sushma Javare.