Sardar Patel Subharti Institute of Law organizes International Conference On “Violence against Girl Child and Women: Issues and Concern” on 12th to 13th March, 2016

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Sardar Patel Subharti Institute of Law had decided to conduct an International Conference On “Violence against Girl Child and Women: Issues and Concern” on March 12-13, 2016 at Sardar Patel Subharti Institute of Law, Sardar Patel Subharti Institute of Law, Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Subharti Puram, Meerut. The institute is conducting such a conference to abide by the norms laid down under The UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Moreover, it is also a known fact that international violence mostly affects the girl children. It is evident that there are many international legal documents that promises the protection of girl child, but still there are many violence against these children reported all around the world. From ancient time onwards, the girl children who have reached their adolescent age are compelled to marriage without even completing their education. At the time of war, the violence against girl child increases. Therefore it is necessary to take immediate steps to tackle the issue and bring forward legal instruments to resolve such violence in association with NGOs. This conference aims to address these major issues. The sub themes of the conference include:

  1. Violence against Girl Child
  2. Challenges of Modernization and Urbanization and Status of Women/Girl Child
  3. Crime against women
  4. Legal Political and Ethical issues related to women
  5. Women as a member of Vulnerable group and Social Transformation : Two Interdependent issue

The Sardar Patel Subharti Institute of Law invites papers to be presented in the International Conference on “ Violence Against Girl Child and Women: Issues and Concern” which will be conducted on 12th -13th March, 2016. The interested participants have to send abstracts related with any of the sub themes. The abstract shall contain title of the paper, author’s name, address for correspondence, phone number and Email ID. The abstract shall be sent to,, before March 10, 2016. The full paper shall not be more than 5000 words. The papers have to be submitted both as soft copy and hard copy. For teachers and others registration fee shall be Rs 1000 and the research scholars and students shall pay Rs 500.

Important dates:
Submission of abstracts: 10th March,2016
Date of Conference: 12th March – 13th Marh, 2016

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