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Sedition Law necessary to stop talks against country: Former Supreme Court Justice – Nitte Santosh Hegde

Hyderabad: While there is a pending Sedition law’s issue in India, the retired Judge of Honourable Supreme Court of India- N. Santosh Hegde stated that he is in ‘Favour’ of the Sedition law, moreover, he also sought to say that some ‘restrictions’ are needed in this relation for stopping the people from abusing and talking against the country.

The former Judge to the Apex Court offered his view in the Sedition debate, while there is a pending issue of the Jawaharlal Nehru University- JNU Students, where the President of JNUSU- Kanhaiya Kumar is facing charges of Sedition for his acts of commenting on the execution of the Parliament Attack convict- Afzal Guru.

Moreover, as argued by the Former Solicitor General of India, the act of students of the JNU who allegedly termed the said hanging of the convict- Afzal Guru, a ‘Judicial Murder’. Moreover, as argued by him, the said action and also acts of raising anti- India slogans, definitely amounts to sedition.

The incident of the arrest of the JNUSU President- Kanhaiya was occurred in the early days of this month, where he was charged in sedition law. Moreover, he along with others was termed accused in this case.

Moreover, Former Lokayukta of Karnataka State said that he “believe in sedition law” and he is “a patriot”. Moreover, he further commented that no patriot can go on abusing the country. Also there are certain parameters, as he said. Also, he stated that there should be some restrictions on the talks of the people against the country, for surviving the democracy. Also, he further sought to mention that the ‘Patriotism’ can never be criticised, even if the Government, Individuals and the systems be criticised.

Also, as per the view portrayed by the retired SC Judge- Hegde, in the Supreme Court’s previous judgement, he won’t believe as it is saying that sedition must be followed by actions, and mere talks are not sedition. Moreover, he said ‘as long as the judgement of the Supreme Court is there’, he is bound to say that it’s a law of the day.

Moreover, opposing to the extent, retired SC Judge- Hegde said that patriotism can never be compromised.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan