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The Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University Act, 1994 was enacted on September 30, 1994 for the purpose of constituting and integrating the educational University added with residential facility in the Uttar Pradesh State and other subjects related with the University. The Act provides for the constitution of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University with its head office at Lucknow. The University shall have the status of a Company with continuous succession and authority to purchase and sell off property. The University is also entrusted with the power to litigate. The fundamental aim of the University is to bestow higher knowledge by giving learning standards as well as research opportunities in various subjects as per the decision of the University. The University shall also frame conditions for integrated teaching in science and technology and other subjects in learning activities conducted by the University.

The University shall present suitable courses which are essential for the advancement of socially and educationally backward classes added with new technological advancements in agriculture. The Act entrusts with the University the duty to go forward with the teaching related with B.R Ambedkar who dedicated his life for national unity and integration, to attain justice to all and continued with the independent way of life. He also worked hard for the understanding of Constitution of different countries to take necessary ways to advance creativity to make changes in the patterns of learning in inter-disciplinary learning along with conducting research. He also gave special stress in advancing learning techniques and gave prior importance to the well-being of the people and also the benefit of the people belonging to backward community. The Act gives some authority on the University like the power to give training in certain subjects as prescribed by the University and to create terms for research as well as for the development and providing general understanding. The University shall grant degrees and diplomas and distinctions based on assessment tests and other modes of exams under the stipulations specified by the University and shall have the power to withdraw the degrees so granted.

The Act further provides that the University shall conduct and carry out additional learning, practical training as well as expanding services and shall provide degrees and diplomas as per the rules and regulations of the University. The University shall also organize distance education to the prescribed persons. The University is empowered to make out organizations to give advanced educational opportunities and shall give chance for persons to convey instructional hours. Moreover, unification and association or link various Universities and organizations for higher education in the mode established by the University is one of the functions of the University. The University is sanctioned to constitute various branches and other divisions of the University to accomplish research to reach the motive for which the University is established. It shall honor scholarships, fellowships and give prizes to students on merit. The University is granted the power to systematize and arrange refresher classes, reference courses, symposiums and other activities for professors, academicians and assessors. It shall create agreements with regard to the education to women which is deemed advantageous to the University. The University is allowed to give self-governing position to colleges and educational organizations as per the prescribed laws.

Also, the applicability of the Act extends to the Uttar Pradesh State. The classes shall be conducted by the University without any discrimination. The students admitted into the University shall be provided with hostel facility and other facilities specified under the Ordinance. The Act states that the Indian President shall Act as the Visitor and shall engage persons to review the activities of the University as provided under the Act. The enactment gives a list of authorities entrusted with different functions of the University. The authorities of the University shall have the power to constitute committees but such committees shall have members of the authority to perform the functions. The University is empowered to formulate appropriate laws for the proper functioning of the University.