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Call for Papers: 5th International Conference on Trade, Business, Economics and Law by Oxford University at UK on 9th-11th May, 2016

The Oxford University, United Kingdom has decided to conduct 5th International Conference on Trade, Business, Economics and Law on May 9-11, 2016 at University of Oxford, St. Hugh’s College, UK. The conference gives opportunity to the academicians, practitioners, consultants, research scholars and policy makers with different experience to present the research papers in the areas of Trade, Business, Economics and Law. The fundamental aim of the conference is to give a stage and encourage discussion on the main issues dealing with trade, business, economics and law. The committee also encourages papers from postgraduate students and research scholars to present in their seminar with special registration fee. The undergraduate students can attend the conference of the find is provided by the institution, supervised by the faculty and co-authored by post graduate student.

The abstract should be restricted between 300 to 500 words and should clearly summarize the arguments. The abstract should be submitted before the last date. The abstracts should be submitted with ‘abstract submission form’ in English. The abstracts will be published and uploaded in the FLE website after the conference. The last date for submission of abstracts shall be April 11, 2016. The abstracts shall be send to The full papers submitted will be peer reviewed. The full paper shall be submitted only if the abstracts are accepted. The maximum limit of the full paper shall be 5000 words including footnotes. It should include an abstract not exceeding 150 words and few keywords.

The first footnote of the submission should contain the name of the author, academic qualifications, institutional affiliation, current title and position of the author. The papers should be submitted before April 18, 2016. The registration fee for all category of persons are provided in the website The papers submitted will be peer reviewed by the review committee and published in the conference proceedings. The papers should strictly adhere to the guidelines prescribed by the committee to get published. If however, the author wish to publish the paper in any of the under mentioned journals, a copyright agreement is to be signed. The journals are as follows:

  1. International Journal of Law and Interdisciplinary Legal Studies (IJLILS)
  2. International Journal of Economics, Finance and Business Management Studies (IJEFBM)
  3. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Science Studies (IJISSS)

Call for Paper – Submission: Click Here

Important dates:

Abstract submission: April 11, 2016
Notification of acceptance: Within two weeks
Early bird registration: April 18, 2016
Late registration: April 25, 2016

For more details contact:

Ph: 0044 131 463 7007
Fax: 0044 131 608 0239

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