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Contract and Specific Relief by Avtar Singh (2013) Paperback

People from a particular country, in their general life, always need to have at least basic knowledge about their country’s laws. In India, such people and also the people who specially deals with business, need to have knowledge about the contract laws. Moreover, the people basically from the legal profession, and those who are studying law need to know about the laws relating to contracts and specific relief too. As such the present Book ‘Contract and Specific Relief Paperback – 2013’ is offered for all such people. It is notable that the Contracts and Specific Relief is book which is most popular and classic in nature and it is dealing with the intricacies of the contract law in the straight forward and lucid style. Moreover, this book is covering many new developing areas in the contract law and all of the content mostly having practical and academic importance. Moreover, as in India, the laws though are enacted by the Legislature, but if the same would remain stand in the tests of the Judiciary, then such laws become settled laws, as such the book is also providing various Supreme Court’s and High Courts’ decisions on the issues arising out of the modern day trade and commerce. Moreover, the key issues which were discussed by the Apex court and the other high judiciary, including the E- ticket passengers issue of bounding with the unaware conditions of the journey, Inter- Globe Aviation’s case, etc. are also being specifically discussed in this book. Also, this book reveals the most rich experience and pragmatic approach of the author.

As such, the present amazingly important book is brought from the publisher- Eastern Book Company and it was written by the brand author in the legal works- Avtar Singh, who has offered number of other amazing books aiming at students, professionals, common people, on the specific subject of law, like Tort and Consumer Protection, Halsbary’s laws of India, Labour and Industrial Law and others. And also his written all such amazing works have much importance in the study of law in India.

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